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Fire sprinkler systems are an important tool to combat fires should they break out in your home or business property. In fact, did you know that 99% of fires are controlled by fire sprinklers alone?

When you consider the fact above, you quickly realise how important fire sprinklers are for fire safety. A professional piping system with good water pressure, water flow and water supply will significantly help prevent fire damage to your premises. The team at Kaizon Fire Protection have extensive experience with guiding clients to make the right decisions for their premises and requirements in choosing the right sprinkler system and installing and maintaining the fire sprinkler systems to ensure they work effectively.


Our strongest point of difference is our in-house design capabilities. We have a dedicated fire sprinkler design team who can plan and design your sprinkler system from day one, and we have the teams to manage the project right through to installation and maintenance.


At Kaizon Fire Protection, we utilise the latest in sprinkler design software packages to assist our team with their system designs. We also have inhouse 3D modelling capabilities, as our designers are proficient at BIM Revit designs. Because we use the latest 3D BIM fire design software, this enables us to provide model-based building and system designs. Our capabilities also include seismic bracing design and analysis to compliment our BIM fire design offerings. Our team pro-actively engage with and work closely with all stakeholders on a project to ensure alignment and consistency across the entire project.

We are specialists in our field, and we would love to chat to you about your fire sprinkler requirements.

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Fire sprinklers work by having a glass bulb full of glycerin-based substance that expands when in contact with heated air. The sprinkler heads, connected to water piping, are then triggered and water is discharged onto the fire.

Kaizon Fire Protection sprinkler systems are designed to adhere to New Zealand commercial and residential standards and, due to our attention to detail, are extremely reliable. With our sprinklers installed you won’t find them leaking or accidentally activating to cause water damage on our watch. Our products and our service are of the highest quality.


Our knowledgeable team will work with you to ensure the most practical, cost-effective and safe solution is found to meet your fire protection needs. We believe in transparency with our clients, so, we will always ensure to explain the different types of fire sprinkler systems you could install, and we will ensure you understand exactly what the differences are including costs involved. We will be with you every step of the way from planning and installation, to regular inspection and maintenance.

Check out our routine maintenance service which includes regular fire sprinkler inspections.


Your safety is our priority.


Our competent, compassionate and compliant technicians are here to make sure your premises has the best protection available. 








Level 1, Building 5, Central Park

660 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland

PO Box 112-251, Penrose 1061

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